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Waking Up Normal

NORMAL: (adjective) conforming to a standard; usual; typical; or expected.

I woke up at thirty-seven to a normal life, The American Dream. I own a home, a newer car, I have things, so many things, I work in a field that I enjoy, and I’m drowning in debt.  I live to work, to pay for things I’ve long since stopped using, things I don’t even own anymore. Thirty seven years old and $77,000 in debt. How have I let this happen?

A number of months ago I slipped into the rabbit hole while researching minimalism, which I had done before but hadn’t yet reached a level of discomfort high enough to make any changes. I’ve lived in my fairly small home for fifteen years and accumulated a significant other, seven dogs, and fifteen years worth of crap I don’t need or use.